Oh, To Be a Mobile-Phone Customer in India.

Here in America, we tend not to think too much about other countries. We're the global hegemon, so why should we care? And no one can possibly have it as good as we do, right?

Well, not always. A new report from the New America Foundation examining mobile phone, text, and data service shows that not only is your cell-phone company charging you an arm and a leg, if you were living somewhere else, it probably wouldn't be so bad:

In other countries it appears that a significantly more competitive market than what exists in the United States has resulted in innovative offerings and lower pricing for consumers. In contrast, in countries where competition is less and regulation more lax, higher prices and a limited choice of plans prevail.

Let's go to the data:


Whaddya know -- less regulation translates into fewer choices and higher prices. As if you needed another reason to hate your mobile-phone company.

-- Paul Waldman

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