Old-Line Media Adapt to Kutcher-Based Medium

The design firm Information Architects has created a very nice infographic showing the 140 (get it?) most influential Twitter users. Here's a little piece of it (via Fast Company):


What's interesting about this is that among some emphatically new, hip, trendy, up-to-the-minute folks, you've got some rather mainstream names as well. There's CNN, the third most influential tweeter in the Twitterverse. The New York Times comes in at No. 12. Sure, Pete Cashmore (the CEO of Mashable) is No. 5, but Oprah's No. 10 -- and NASA is the Tweetingest government agency, at 33. Yes, Lady Gaga is No. 2, but who is the most influential tweeter of all? Barack Obama.

Plus ca change.

-- Paul Waldman

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