One Dollar UN Girls

This is fucking tragic. Would that our government called special sessions and our president returned from vacations to address the rape that's driving 14 year old girls in the Congo to become prostitutes. Did you know that if a Congolese woman (or, more accurately, girl) is raped, she loses her honor and is barred from marriage? Did you know that a UN employee was found with hundreds of tapes showing him torturing and sexually abusing young girls? Did you know that Congolese children are often either conscripted into militias, hooked on drugs and turned into killers, or raped and left with no options save continual prostitution? Did you know that we could help fix that by committing some cash that would create opportunities for them? Did you know that we don't? But did you know our entire government has mobilized to consider the case of a brain dead woman who has been hooked up to machines for 15 years at a cost of $80,000 annually?

Yeah, I bet you knew that.