The One Where I Introduce Myself.

Hey and hello there, TAPPED fans. I'm Nancy Scola, and it is my tremendous pleasure to be your guest blogger for the week. Before we can move on to the fun stuff, some background on me. Prior to coming to my senses and embracing the writing life, I spent time working on the hands-on side of politics. A big chunk of it was spent working on Capitol Hill, for this guy. A smaller chunk went toward helping someone figure out whether or not he wanted to be president. He didn't. For the last year and a half, I've found a happy home at Personal Democracy Forum's techPresident, where I'm associate editor. I'm originally from New Jersey, which probably explains a lot.

As a writer, my hope is to be a guide to those places where the geekiest of life's great topics -- the nuances of telecom policy, the ins and outs of our food safety system, for example -- meet our broader culture. Does that not sound wonderfully exciting? My task here this week is to prove that that can be thrilling stuff, or at least important in a non-mindnumbingly boring way. From the most genuine part of me, I thank you in advance for your attention over the next week. (And for those moments where your attention span tends towards the shorter side, there's always Twitter.)

--Nancy Scola

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