ONGOING REPORTS FROM THE DEATH OF SATIRE. Tapped's own J. Goodrich: "Of course [Joe] Klein is not alone with these feelings. Joan Walsh at Salon points out that other commentators were also relieved to finally find someone that matched their idea of a manly Democrat ... Cooties are scary. And girls have them."

Andrew Sullivan and Howard Fineman, this week on the Chris Matthews Show ("Millionaire Pundit Values on a Cable Access Budget!"):

SULLIVAN (1/28/07): I think she�s been a very sensible senator. I think -- find it hard to disagree with her on the war. But when I see her again, all me -- all the cootie-vibes resurrect themselves. I�m sorry --

PANEL: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD FINEMAN: That�s a technical term!

SULLIVAN: I must represent a lot of people. I actually find her positions appealing in many ways. I just can�t stand her.

Linda Hirshman should take note that all of the people in question who prioritize junior-high-school personality impressions over policy in fact have penises.

--Scott Lemieux

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