THE OTHER BOSSMAN. This from the occasionally sensible Jonathan Chait is crazy-making enough on its merits. Why shouldn't there be an emboldened left-wing of the Democratic Party, particularly if it results in a demand to change course in the middle of the greatest foreign-policy cock-up of the age, a change that today seems to have the support of 60 percent of the American people? Chait will have to forgive some of us if we don't feel like waiting any longer for the principal architects of this idiocy -- including those who work down the hall from him -- to shut up and slink off to the babbling obscurity they so richly deserve. Taking some of these people seriously about Iraq is like listening to Joe Hazlewood on celestial navigation. So, he'll have to be patient with outbreaks of genuine democracy.

So who's Chait afraid of? Michael Moore? That capitalist tool who self-finances his own movies and who didn't have to marry into a sewing-machine fortune to buy himself a platform? After the performance of Marty (Thanks, Anne) Peretz over the last couple weeks, Chait ought not idly to toss phrases like "uber-demagogue" at anyone else. You work for a fabulist-enabling, plagiarist-hiring, fake science-promoting public thooleramawn, Jon. Deal with it, Okay? And, for god's sake, come out from under the bed. You'll catch your death down there.

--Charles P. Pierce