Over at the Competition

Over at the competition (am I in trouble, editors?), E.J.’s close-up look at the challenge facing Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts provides a deeper and more thoughtful, not to mention professionally-reported, rumination on the redness of a true-blue state than my blog post of yesterday. You’ll want to read it for a fix while she is lounging poolside, and also to sound smart the next time someone takes the Bay State for granted.

However, in the same vein, she is dead wrong about the true-blue-ness of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is the liberal college-town stereotype you’ve read about, but grafted on top of a German farming town—a lovely German farming town. Also, most people don’t realize that the Michigan militia was founded just one town over. The day that the ladies in the gym we belonged to were having a spirited locker-room conversation about how glad they were that Mel Gibson had made a movie about the Crucifixion “just the way it happened” is seared in my memory. So is the day that the Ann Arbor News endorsed John McCain. I don’t usually celebrate when a print newspaper meets its demise, but I made an exception for them.


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