OY VEY. I'm trying to restrain myself from further Lieberman-blogging, but after reading this in the Observer, I can't help but wonder if Rep. Anthony Weiner has ever actually read The New York Review of Books:

�We do have a problem with progressives and those in the blogosphere, because the Palestinian position seems to be perfect for the Internet world of pithy back-and-forth and 30-second You Tube tapes, where the Zionist position is more at home in a seven-page New York Review of Books article,� said Representative Anthony Weiner, a pro-Israel hawk who opposes the war in Iraq.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but The New York Review has got to be one of the least Israel-hawky mainstream publications in America (see, e.g., Michael Massing's excellent "The Storm over the Israel Lobby"). Given that, I'd sort of taken for granted that I'd also be able to poke fun at Weiner's apparent belief that YouTube is a hotbed of Palestinian agitation but, in fact, he seems to be totally correct. You live and you learn.

--Matthew Yglesias

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