PAGING HARRY FRANKFURT. A good post about the Pelosi non-scandal by ex-TAPPER Greg Sargent. GOP Rep Adam Putnam "now acknowledges he had no personal knowledge of any Pelosi request," and remains unapologetic about having spread the false smear. As Greg said, this is even more worse for the media (including various bloggers) promoting the non-scandal, especially after the letter from the Sergeant at Arms was released. And, of course, this indifference about the accuracy of tales that fit conveniently into pre-packaged Republican smear narratives was a hallmark of the various pseudo-scandals the press used against Clinton and Gore. I'm reminded of what Joe Conason said when confronting Ed Klein about repeating the long-debunked "Clinton held up traffic at LAX getting a haircut!" fake-scandal: "What's peculiar to me is, you don't seem to care whether you get these things right or not."

--Scott Lemieux

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