Pandagon Reunion: Class of '05

As you've probably noticed, Jesse Taylor, of Pandagon fame and Springer for Ohio fortune, posted this morning. He's in town for my 21st -- yes, I'm that young -- which should put the lie to lingering suspicions of our furious fallout. Which isn't to say he didn't, in fact, steal the money, just that I have no proof. In any case, we have to keep up appearances, so he'll be posting here during his stay. Expect more funny.

Speaking of the big 21st, I've a midterm on Monday (my birthday), Tuesday (my hangover), and Wednesday, so his contributions are much appreciated, and should keep the site humming along nicely where it'd otherwise crash into my workload, littering my dorm room with mangled neurons and empty Starbucks cups. Also, on Tuesday, we're going to hold court hang out at a Westwood bar for the evening and have a little blogger/reader get together. If you'd like to drop by, shoot me an e-mail. Otherwise, you'll probably hear more about it as it gets closer.