The Paris Hilton Benefit Act

EJ Dionne's firing on all cylinders today with a blistering column on the Paris Hilton Benefit Act, otherwise known as the estate tax. You guys probably know Bush's tax cuts eliminated it, but they just shoved it in an overstuffed closet and it's slated to pop back out, strong as ever, in 2009. So tomorrow, Republicans are sitting down to reform -- read: eliminate 00 the tax permanently and ensure that all those rich heirs will never pay a dime on their estates. Time for the left to call bullshit.

Dionne argues for explicitly tying the tax to the Social Security shortfall. According to the CBO, even a reduced estate tax would cover fully 1/2 of the program's deficit, which means Republicans are going to have to decide between protecting Paris Hilton's inheritance and paying Grandma Millie's Social Security check. Democrats should be all over that choice, making sure it's made as publicly as possible. Go git' em.

Update: Heh.