THE PARTY OF BUNGLERS. Would you like the early line on the exact moment when the Democratic Party bungled the midterm elections this fall -- and, as an added bonus, People's Exhibits Q through Z why Rahm Emanuel and the folks at the DCCC would screw up a one-car funeral, even if you spotted them the hearse?

Well, this is it. This good, tough Internet ad gets pulled because some of the people who enabled the murderous lunacy depicted therein throw public hissy-fits. Almost immediately thereafter, Senator Mike DeWine (R-I'm-Not-Bob-Ney-Dammit!) drops a television spot using the people killed on September 11 as a cudgel on Sherrod Brown.

Do you want to know how I know the Democratic ad was a good one? Check out this tap-dancing by House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-I'm-Not-Either). Talk about being, as the tennis commentators say, wrong-footed.

Imagine four months worth of this kind of Republican discomfort.

Imagine there was an actual opposition party to make it happen.

--Charles P. Pierce