Passing Hubbert's Peak

This is scary -- oil production in most on the non-OPEC nations is already in accelerating decline, and OPEC looks to be nearing it's maximum. Ouch. So, by the way, is this Rolling Stone excerpt from the The Long Emergency that's been flitting through the blogosphere. Hell, that one's not scary, it's totally terrifying. It also strikes me as a bit alarmist. The author isn't an energy expert, he's a professional author who used to be a staff writer at Rolling Stone. And while that doesn't mean he's wrong, the difference between his apocalyptic vision and the more moderate (though still nasty) collapse scenarios envisioned by energy experts leaves me a tad skeptical.

I'm trying to get some of those said experts to drop a guest-post evaluating The Long Emergency for us, so, in true Marshallian fashion, more later. But whether the future looks hellish or merely dangerous, energy is obviously getting more important and fast. To that end, I'm adding an "Energy" category to the blogroll and popped in some places to start learning. If you guys have links for it, let me know.