"The enemy declared war on us," Bush told a re-election rally in Cedar Rapids. "Nobody wants to be the war president. I want to be the peace president... The next four years will be peaceful years." Bush used the words "peace" or "peaceful" a total of 20 times.

And Condi today:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ruled out a quick "false promise" cease-fire in the Middle East Friday and defended her decision not to meet with either Syrian or Hezbollah leaders in her upcoming visit to the region.

Welcome to Orwellian America: Our "peace president" dispatches his Secretary of State to explain that America won't support a cease-fire until after Israel's invasion. It's one thing to support Israel's actions, another to offer them full protection, giving them a blank check to conduct military operations and tacitly signaling that the second Israel wants out, the United States will release the roadblocks delaying the insertion of an international peacekeeping force. The peace president is guaranteeing Israel's ability to wage war, and so war we'll have. They're already calling up the reserves, signaling the air strikes are about to give way to invasion...

--Ezra Klein