Peter King's Honesty.

Rep. Peter King, stalwart supporter of terrorism when it's conducted by white Irish people, lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to the GOP's criticism of President Obama on national security (via Steve Benen):

"You are saying someone should be held accountable. Name one other specific recommendation the president could implement right now to fix this," host George Stephanopoulos said to King.

"I think one main thing would be to -- just himself to use the word terrorism more often," said King, the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee.

I pointed out at Spencer Ackerman's blog over the holidays that King previously said he thought the Obama administration was "doing the right thing as far as their policies," revealing just how little disagreement there actually is.

I want to reiterate this paradox: The GOP thinks that al-Qaeda is so scary that we need to abandon all legal and human rights standards in order to "fight" them. They also think they're so weak that if Obama says the word "terrorism" a lot and calls them names like "pantybomber," al-Qaeda will throw up its hands in unconditional surrender, blinded by the bright shining force of American exceptionalism.

-- A. Serwer

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