THE PLAME-IRAN CONNECTION. Kevin wonders what's up with David Shuster's assertion that Valerie Plame was working on Iran issues while undercover at the CIA. In today's Washington Post chat, Tom Edsall reports that Walter Pincus is on the case, so I suspect we will all have answers soon enough:

Washington, D.C.: MSNBC reported last night that Valerie Plame was working in Iran's nuclear program at the CIA. This would seem to be a monumental piece of information - yet not a mention in The Post. What's going on over there?

Tom Edsall: I am told by Walter Pincus that the Iran link was made by a blogger in Iran, and the story needs further confirmation before we can report it. I assume we are working on it.

And also this:

Valerie Plame: Blogger? Yes, a blogger broke the original claim about Valerie Plame working covert on Iran's nuclear program in January of this year. but David Shuster says he confirmed it with "intelligence sources" in his report yesterday.

Tom Edsall: I assume that when we similarly confirm the Iran-Plame link, we will report it. If true, it is a very interesting story that should get prominent play.

Developing, as they say.

--Garance Franke-Ruta