PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND THE G.O.P. As I tip my hat to Ann Friedman, saying, "I feel ya, sister," I think it also important to examine Planned Parenthood's love note to Giuliani in the context of its larger strategy concerning reproductive rights.

While Ann's reaction to the e-mail she received from PPFA President Cecile Richards marks the missive as a less-than-prudent fundraising strategy, it's along the same tack taken by Gloria Feldt who, when she had Richards' job, began courting moderate Republicans.

In 2000, the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition tried to launch a floor fight at the Republican National Convention, and came within three votes of doing so. Planned Parenthood had a G.O.P. outreach contingent at that same convention, hoping to help the mayhem along.

While I agree with my TAPPED sister that Giuliani would probably sell us out in a heartbeat, I think it behooves Planned Parenthood to continue to push pro-choice Republicans to show some backbone and push the right further to the margins of the party. What Cecile Richards has done here, I think, is said to right-wing Republicans, yeah, look at your hero. By your standards, he ranks on the list of those whom the late Jerry Falwell said caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In seeking to alienate Giuliani's base, however, it seems that Richards did the same to her own.

--Adele M. Stan

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