Jesus' General shares this Jonah Goldberg gem from a recent NPR interview:

Jonah Goldberg: The benefit of Bush’s compassionate conservatism [in 2000] was that it was majorly a marketing slogan…

Alex Chadwick: You mean you’re worried Mike Huckabee might actually mean it?

Goldberg: Yes, that’s what I’m terrified of.

Sadly, No! interprets this in light of Goldberg's statement that "populism is a useful and healthy passion when aimed at the liberal elite."

In other words: it’s cool to rile up the idiot vote by telling them that liberals want to ban Christmas, but helping them pay for their kids’ health care goes way, way over the line. Religion, in Jonah’s world, truly is the Cheetos bag of the masses.

Indeed, this tracks pretty well with former White House official David Kuo's experience, as described in his book Tempting Faith: Conservative elites openly scorn the working-class evangelicals whose fears they crassly manipulate in order to implement their pro-rich agenda.

Meanwhile, on his new Liberal Fascism blog, Goldberg has declared that he's "going to err on the side of not linking to people who only trade in juvenile insults." Needless to say, this is particularly hilarious coming from Jonah Goldberg, whose career was built upon the trade of juvenile insults, but who now wants to be seen as a serious thinker. I suppose this means that I can expect Jonah not to respond to my stating that, having read his book, I suspect that the most serious thinking he's done has been about whether or not to put on pants today. Oh well.

In conclusion, Dave Neiwert's masterful review of Liberal Fascism from yesterday raises the question: Is there a non-insulting way to definitively demonstrate that someone clearly doesn't know what he's talking about?

--Matthew Duss