QUESTION. OK, so what's going on with Christopher Shays?

For a while, he fell squarely into that category of Republican congresscritter that we have come to call Not Insane. He even voted against the impeachment of Bill Clinton, for which vote the harpies of hell nearly descended on him. Now, though, locked in a tough race in a bad year, he seems to have sent away for the Time-Life Treasury Of Bad Analogies. First, in response to the mushrooming House sexapalooza, he summons up The Great Unmentionable at the heart of Edward Kennedy's career. (Why Chappaquiddick hasn't been a more serious political issue for the senior senator throughout his career continues to be a mystery. His actions before the accident were reckless and his actions immediately after it were abominable, and someone died. I tried to get into it a few years back, and hilarious hijinks ensued from our friends on the right.)

Then, as Josh Marshall shows here, Shays seems to have confused the events at Abu Ghraib with the events in Mark Foley's dayplanner. I'd have thought it was too late for him to start pitching for his own show on Fox, but who knows?

--Charles P. Pierce