Random Thoughts

Sorry to do a Larry King on you, but I'm just going post some random thoughts until I hit an optimal caffeine level:

*  What happens if you are a political movement based on outrage, but you control all three branches of government?  For the right-wing, some are now outraged at, um, graffiti.  (By the way, generally a bad idea to do a victory dance in the other side's back yard... I once lived in DC and was told that if you weren't wearing green in the upper deck of the Vet during an Eagles loss, you don't value your life nearly enough).

*  Saw Guckert/Gannon on CNN last night.  I would say it was obvious he was lying when he nose grew during the interview, but, given the circumstances, I think I might be referring to the wrong part of his anatomy.

*  I own a Sirius radio now, so I can listen to Air America when I want.  I mostly like Air America, but I'm a little disturbed by the fact the advertisements for hypnosis and sexual enhancement might be the wrong image for a political party attempting to rebut the charges that they are impotent and out of touch.

-Chris R