A REAL WHITE HOUSE SNOW JOB. Unless President Bush wants to face headlines cracking jokes about "snow jobs" and "getting snowed" for the next three years, selecting FOX News' Tony Snow to be the new White House spokesman doesn't seem like the best idea. I don't particularly think the identity of the White House spokesman matters all that much given how the job is constructed under Bush, but I do think Snow would be flash-point for controversy, given his roots on FOX and his rather vehement, self-confident style. If he acted in as self-satisfied and sneering a matter in the White House post as he does on television, he'd be certain to exacerbate the administration's problems, and especially the perception that it is arrogant and uncaring and untrustworthy -- and I somehow suspect that's not what the administration is going for with this staff change. Snow might appeal to a certain segment of the Republican base, but that's not the constituency he'd have to serve as White House spokesman.

--Garance Franke-Ruta