Reality Check

For all of the punditry (from myself and others) about Mitt Romney’s unpopularity with GOP voters, it’s worth noting the extent to which Republicans are perfectly happy with the former Massachusetts governor. Here’s Gallup with its most recent look at the Republican presidential contest:

Mitt Romney is just as popular as Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich, his problem—in part—is that he has too many competitors, and Republican voters are indulging the extent to which they have a fair amount of choice. When the field begins to winnow in January, odds are very good that Romney will pick up a lot more support from Republican voters.


I think those who are being polled are just as bad as Romney in changing positions according to the news of the day and what the candidates said. The truth is all of the candidates have huge weaknesses when it comes to numerous attributes that a candidate running for the highest office in the land should possess. Each lacks sufficient knowledge in several areas. They include, but are not limited to, foreign affairs, economics, civics, defense, healthcare, law, geography (yep) values and morality. All have been caught telling major lies. They are so anxious to be against anything the president proposes or has proposed that they end up looking totally absurd. Virtually all said if they were elected they would institute covert operations against Iran and are critical of the president for not doing so. Hello! Covert operations are secret, clandestine, hush hush. so how do they know what is going on behind the scenes? If they knew all the facts re covert operations they would no longer be covert. That shouldn't be too hard to understand. This president has been highly successful in getting rid of many top al Qaeda and Taliban leaders. What do these candidates think -- that these individuals had a name plate on their door? Obviously it took very efficient covert operations. Further, the President risked the wrath of the host countries by going after the enemy regardless of borders. They should stick to topics where they presume they are knowledgeable. Personally, I don't see any indications that such knowledge exists.

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