A RECONCILIATION? Hillary Rodham Clinton has just signed on to speak at the early-August YearlyKos conference's Presidential Leadership Forum in Chicago, according to conference organizer Gina Cooper. That's kind of a big deal, in that the audience there is likely to be even less pro-Hillary than was the one that booed her at the recent Take Back America conference. The question is how HRC will approach this audience. My bet is that, rather than going for a soft-sell reconciliation with the netroots, she will make sure to put just enough inflammatory material in the foreign policy section of her presentation that she will ensure she gets booed again -- the kind language she does not generally use with audiences of foreign policy experts, if her speech to the Center for New American Security at the end of last month was any indication -- so as to help cement her image as the centrist in the race, instead of someone who is unelectable because too liberal. But time will, as they say, tell.

--Garance Franke-Ruta