So things should be looking a little different round these parts. If they're not, hit reload. The amazing, wonderful, phenomenal, and brilliant Shakespeare's Sister has been helping me with the redesign (read: she did it, and I had editorial input) and here's the result. We've got some color, we've got a tagline (the winner of a contest I had back in my Pandagon days), and we've got a third column.

Why a third column, you ask?

In order to sate this site's unending appetite for content, I read an enormous amount of news, blogs, op-eds, and think-tank reports in the course of a day. And, during my online travels, I find a lot of interesting, well-written, edifying stuff that I don't have anything to say about and thus can't build a post around. The choice then becomes taking up space with a throwaway "check 'er out" or ignoring an article of legitimate interest. Since I don't like to fill the page with pointers, most of it gets ignored. The third column should end all that. What we've got there is a Miniblog. When I find interesting pieces that I don't have much to say about, I'll pop 'em in there with a quick comment. You can then check out anything that seems interesting.'s it look? Any problems?

Update: Mozilla and IE seem okay, Safari's giving intermittent problems. It's almost as if it's trying to show the new design and the old design at the same time. Anyone know why this would be happening?

If you think your browser may be screwing it up, but aren't sure, this is what it should look like...

Update 2: And why isn't the banner showing up on archive pages? Sigh...