Requests for TPM Cafe

Josh Marshall's blogospheric power grab finally manifested in a non-"more later"/"stay tuned" form this morning, and all seems well with it. John Edwards is the week's special surprise guestblogger, Matt's got his new home, and the place is generally humming along nicely. But in the spirit of Josh's declaration that the Cafe is a work-in-progress, here are some requests:

• Full RSS feeds, please. You guys have too much content to content (hah! repetition!) yourselves with one-line teasers. Let me get the posts and read 'em at my leisure.

• I know the theme is caffeine, and thus a hectic, crowded, stimulative template is to be expected, but could the design calm down a little bit? I'll probably get used to it one way or the other, but there are too many buttons, tabs, links, ads, medieval murals, aggregators, and offers screaming for attention. If you're not going to let me RSS the site, at least chill those guys out a bit.

• Put up a blogroll, for god's sake. I know TPM Cafe will be the whole world's single stop for trenchant political commentary and it'll soon render all other online outposts unnecessary, but use that power for good and offer some of these new readers a map to other sites. It's the neighborly thing to do.

Otherwise, it looks like it'll be an interesting set of blogs. As the kids say, check 'er out. And by the way -- is Marshall moving over to the new site? Or is he remaining separate but equal over at TPM?