TO RHODE ISLAND! Well, there's no question where the leg-eating blogociraptors should go next. To the Kosmobile, folks, and move yourselves just a few degrees east into Rhode Island. Time to go to work for Steve Laffey, the Club For Growth candidate currently making Lincoln Chaffee's life even more miserable than it must be for a man who's a dead ringer for one of the crazy aunts in Arsenic And Old Lace. I mean, if Karl Rove and the gang at NRO is going to leap into the fray on the side of Weepin' Joe Lieberman (I-Green Room), why shouldn't you throw your self behind the candidate who's taking big old chunks out of a guy mired, alas, in that wing of the GOP marked Not Insane?
Of course, Cokie and The Dean and all the rest of them who have had the vapors for a month over the activities of the Weather Underground in and around Hartford have somehow missed this story. Pity. Should Chaffee go down, we probably can expect at least two weeks of chin-stroking about Republicans eating their own, and circular firing squads, and implacable conservatives cannibals who believe that bipartisanship is the equivalent of "date rape." I am very sure of this. And I am also Tsar of all the Russias.

Anyway, here's some numbers. And, just a note to the Rasmussen folks. Using the phrase "Democrat candidates" marks you lousy straightaway. Clean it up, OK?

--Charles P. Pierce