The Right Falls Out of Love With Kagan on Executive Power.

That was fast. Steve M. points out this headline at the Daily Caller:


And at Fox Nation:

Fox nation.JPG

The letter Elena Kagan signed was criticizing a proposal to prevent suspects at Guantanamo Bay from challenging their detention in court. When you think about it, it really is outrageous to suggest that keeping people locked up indefinitely without trial or access to the courts is something people do in "dictatorships." In dictatorships they do stuff like raise taxes on people making more than $250,000 dollars a year and try to make sure everyone has health insurance.

Earlier today, the ever-sophisticated Stuart Taylor wrote of Kagan's assumed views on executive power: "Speaking as a moderate independent, I like everything about Kagan that the left dislikes." I guess he'll have to change his mind. Maybe next time he could come to a conclusion without looking to see what the dirty hippies think first.

-- A. Serwer

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