THE RIGHT WING IS VERY BRAVE. Campus Progress, the student journalism arm of the Center for American Progress (Full disclosure: I've done some writing for them), wanted to send a reporter to cover the right-wing Young America Foundation's conference. Not so fast, said YAF's smug, emoticon-using media representative, Jason Mattera. After LOL'ing over the request, Mattera explained that he'd no sooner credential CP than The Nation, contrary thought assumedly provoking allergic reactions at conservative conferences (and liability insurance being expensive, what with the lack of tort reform and all). One problem: Campus Progress had credentialed Mattera for not one, but both of their annual conferences, even after he wrote in National Review that "instead of injecting some fresh thinking into the young left-activist bloodstream, panelists at Campus Progress�s national student conference rehashed big-government policies, drew ridiculous parallels, and conveyed embarrassing talking points."

Embarrassing as Mattera's cowardice is, I'd be curious to know whether YAF is just full of wimps or if this is a trend. YearlyKos, for instance, didn't refuse a single conservative journalist credentials, despite being fully aware that they weren't likely to fawn over the liberal confab. Conversely, I remember the RNC revoking credentials from liberal bloggers they'd accepted. Anyone have other examples?

--Ezra Klein