Romney Is Failed by His Surrogates. Again.

Like clockwork, a Romney victory at the polls has been followed by an embarrassing admission from a surrogate. Here’s former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich:

That Mitt Romney plans to change his rhetoric for the general election is not a surprise, but it would behoove the campaign not to emphasize the point. Moreover, they would be well-served by avoiding words like “real views,” which suggests that the former Massachusetts governor is lying to conservatives, and intends to reveal his inner moderate to the public at large once it’s too late for Republicans to make a different choice.

For my part, I’m not sure why anyone would trust Romney either way. If he’s willing to lie to win the nomination, what’s to say that his “real views” aren’t lies either? And if he wins the White House on the strength of those lies, who is to say that he won’t stop lying once in office? Given the degree to which Romney’s campaign is actually defined by mendacious dishonesty, this is a question that all voters need to answer, not just conservatives.