ROUGH TIMES FOR SPECTER. And you thought Arlen Specter was having a rough decade, what with all the rolling over, fetching, and mock outrage he's been required to perform in his role as chairman of the kabuki Judiciary Committee of a rubber-stamp Senate during a lawless administration. Now, here come some guys in smocks from a cutting-edge lab, casting doubts upon the great triumph of his youth.

I have no intention of chasing this story any further into the Kennedy Assassination swamps than I already have, and I've forgotten most of the metallurgy they taught me in journalism school, but these guys seem to have no dog in this fight one way or another. Step up, Arlen. Take some time off from vandalizing the Constitution and explain to us (again) why you're not full of beans. (Thanks to Will Bunch for the link, and Susie Madrak for the original catch.)

--Charles P. Pierce