Joe Lieberman is really pushing his luck lately. It’s clear he’s still bitter about being defeated by Ned Lamont in the 2006 democratic primary in Connecticut, and that he enjoys rubbing the Democrats’ noses in his victory as an independent in the general election (which he has the luxury of doing in a 51-49 Senate Democratic majority that depends on his vote).

Two recent pieces -- one by Andrew Miga of the Associated Press and another by National Journal’s Matthew Berger -- follow Lieberman-the-apostate on and off the campaign trail. What’s clear is that the only thing more sufferable than Lieberman right now will be Lieberman this November if John McCain wins.

But if Barack Obama wins and Senate majority leader Harry Reid nets three or four Senate seats, the Sanctimonious Sourpuss of the Senate is heading for a world of irrelevancy. And not a moment too soon.

--Tom Schaller

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