This will, sadly (for me, anyway), be my last post as guest-MC on Ezra's turntables. I want to thank him profusely for having me, and thank all his readers for sharing their thoughts on my thoughts.

I also want to conclude with a brief observation about blogging. A while back, Ezra lamented the fact that campus conservatives, by necesity, tend to be sharper and more well-versed (at least in GOP talking points) than their liberal counterparts. After a weekend here, I think the blogosphere could be our answer. The comments, links, and e-mails I received from commenters, even those who clearly don't take part in my political ontology, exhilerated me and helped me to understand and refine my own thoughts. (And even to have a few new ones!)

So, thank you all for that; it certainly didn't go unappreciated. And again, many thanks to Ezra for opening what amounts, in blogospheric terms, to his home.

If you've enjoyed my blogging, I'm Daniel A. Munz, and I'll be back at my place, Politics and War; I'd love to see some of you there. If you didn't enjoy my blogging, I'm Michelle Malkin, and I'm a virulent racist. Thanks!


- Daniel A. Munz