Scott Brown, Super Star.

The Christian Science Monitor tells us that Scott Brown is signing is autographs with "41," but also that he's open to working with Democrats too.

He has an independent record in Massachusetts," says campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstom. "He knows how to work with the other side.

Brown says that he wants to serve on Senate Armed Services, Homeland Security, and the Appropriations Committee. He campaigned on ending business as usual in Washington. Asked how he plans to do it, he said:

I've already changed business as usual, just by being the 41st senator," he says, on his out the door to catch his daughter Ayla’s basketball game. "Now every [Republican] senator is the 41st senator. It’s bringing greater transparency and accountability in government, just because
I’m here.

Who knows what on Earth that's supposed to mean. But we can either take a moment to bemoan the short memories of the American people -- who actually thinks that the short-lived Democratic supermajority was business as usual? -- or remember this: Republican or no, Scott Brown still has to get re-elected in Massachusetts. And while we now know it's not reliably blue, it certainly isn't conservative.

--Monica Potts

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