Senate Proves Hypocrisy Easy.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tweets, "Senate proves bipartisanship possible -- 70 support tax cuts for businesses who hire the unemployed plus more investment in infrastructure." Except, just a few days ago, the Senate had to block a Republican filibuster of the jobs bill, which they did with only 62 votes. That means eight Republicans voted to block all discussion of this bill, then switched to vote for it. They've delayed the Democratic agenda, meaning that these much-needed programs will be implemented a few weeks later and a be a little less effective, while taking credit for any benefits that may accrue as a result of this bill.

But remember, we need a filibuster, because the ability of a tiny minority to obstruct action it may support on policy grounds for solely political purposes is, um, something the Founders intended.

-- Tim Fernholz

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