Two unrelated stories today dovetail quite nicely.  John Aravosis takes issue
with some who have apparently criticized him for the awful sin of
actually making a tolerable living fighting the good fight for
liberals.  His post and the comments, are all worth reading.  Steve Gilliard and Digby
both have interesting things to say on the topic as well.  I'm not
going to excerpt any of the posts; click through and read them.

Then, at Confined Space (which should be a daily stop for labor news), Jordan Barab notices who crisis manager Chris Lehane works for when he's not working for Democrats:

Chris Lehane, 37, helped the Clinton White House spin the Whitewater
investigation, spoke for Vice President Al Gore on the 2000
presidential campaign trail and advised former Gov. Gray Davis during
the 2001 energy crisis and 2002 gubernatorial campaign.

Now he's working for KFM Joint Venture, the contractor
building the Bay Bridge's new eastern span. The Oakland Tribune has
reported welders' accusations that many of the project's welds are
defective and that unsafe working conditions existed on the job site.
An FBI investigation is under way, and lawmakers are calling for probes
of their own.

And it's not just the incipient construction fiasco that Lehane is helping KFM manage, but also the dispute between KFM and former KFM employees alleging unsafe working conditions and manganese poisoning.