Shock and Awe.

Maybe I'm wrong to laugh at naked prejudice, but I found this Washington Times op-ed to be completely hilarious:

The Hawkeye State's judicial elections rarely generate much controversy or interest, with most judges generally enjoying approval levels of around 75 percent. That changed with the high court's unanimous 2009 decision discovering a right to homosexual "marriage" in the state constitution—a view that would have shocked those who drafted the document long before homosexuality was the subject of polite conversation, let alone political debate.

So, the real question is what other views would have shocked those who drafted the Iowa Constitution. Given that the document was written in 1857, I think there are a few obvious candidates: planes, cars, televisions, computers, Barack Obama, free black people, free black people writing on computers, women in pants, the Monster Thickburger.

All of these things would have offended (or terrified!) those who wrote the Iowa Constitution, which to me, suggests that what would "offend" them isn't a particularly relevant concern. Then again, I'm not the Washington Times editorial board, and I'm not trying to deny gay people their rights.

-- Jamelle Bouie

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