Apparently, according to my favorite fake Iran expert Michael Ledeen, it is now objectively Islamofascist to report events in Iran in a way which does not conform to Michael Ledeen's preferred interpretation:


The headline on their story describing, in muted tones, the latest in a long series of demonstrations against the regime:

Rare Iranian Protest Targets Ahmadinejad

Feh. The real headline would have said “Revolutionary protests continue at Tehran U.”

After all, one of the main speakers, reminding Ahmadinejad of his call for a Palestinian referendum, demanded one on behalf of the Iranian people as well. Which is tantamount to calling for an end to the Islamic Republic."

...Which is tantamount to, oh, let's just say it, calling for Iran to be made the 51st state, because the Iranian people love us so much. No word yet on whether these demonstrations also herald the coming of the great Zoroastrian revival, as foretold by the self-described "Iranologist" Ledeen.

--Matthew Duss