File this one under "The Red/Blue Divide is a Simplistic Heuristic that Obscures More Interesting Truths Underneath, and I am a Windy Wordbag". Hillary Clinton's most lucrative state is, of course, New York. But who's in the #2 spot?

Not California.

Not Florida.

Not Illinois.

Not Oregon.

Texas. And there's an interesting "why" to it, or at least to part of it. Much of her money is coming from the poor Rio Grand Valley area. Apparently, Hillary has friends in unexpected places:

Cantu [Hillary's top fundraiser] says Clinton is "wildly popular" in the Rio Grande Valley, largely because of the issues for which she stands. People cannot forget the former first lady from her White House days, when she and husband Bill toured South Texas, showing an interest in the economically troubled region while most politicians had abandoned it. "A lot of people are excited about her and maybe her future," he says. "They feel she knows the valley, and if she got elected to higher office, she'd help us out."