Like Glenn Greenwald, I'm a wee bit sick of hearing about Jeremiah Wright. But if liberal bloggers find themselves absolutely compelled to continue discussing Obama's pastor, the least they can do is ensure every Wright post includes a mention of McCain's cozy relationship with John Hagee.

Sarah Posner writes, in this week's FundamentaList:

While Wright asserts that God condemns the death and destruction wrought by war, Hagee thinks that God just might condemn avoiding war. In his 2006 book, Jerusalem Countdown, Hagee wrote that God would curse America if it stood by as Iran attacked Israel. This is not some random, taken-out-of-context quote. He wrote a whole book on this, preached about it, and founded an organization called Christians United for Israel to mobilize grassroots political support for his ideas. He gets private meetings with members of the president's national security staff, presents former CIA director James Woolsey as a speaker at his "Middle East Intelligence Briefing" (held at his church), and sits down with congressional leaders of both parties to talk about foreign policy. But don't worry, McCain's never even been to Hagee's church!


Keep in mind that McCain says his association with Hagee is different from Obama's association with Wright because he doesn't go to Hagee's church -- he just likes Hagee's politics on Israel. Doesn't that make you feel better?

For more on Hagee, see here and here.

--Ann Friedman

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