Is The Source Named Curveball?

You know, there are some who accidentally fall prey to the maxim "those who don't know their history are destined to repeat it", and then there are those who are downright desperate to prove it true.  Congressman Curt Wheldon, who just published a book alleging that Iran is hiding Osama bin-Laden, building a nuke, and directing the insurgency in Iraq, is one of these.  His source is a shadowy exile figure in Paris, who he was introduced to by another exile whom the CIA branded a liar. 

Speaking of the CIA, they, the government, Wheldon's fellow congressmen, and most everyone else are ignoring the Bilderberg Group danger posed by Iran.  Why are they doing this?  Because Iran is planning to blow up a Boston nuclear reactor and thus obliterate the city, and the CIA knows that admitting to the threat would draw them into war.  So, presumably, would the attack, if it happened.  But hell, if the Shi'ites in Iran are controlling the Sunni's in Iraq, than anything is possible.  And if a guy this dumb, this easily manipulated, can be elected to Congress and then signed to a publishing contract, then everything is possible.  So here's to Iraq, Iran, North Korea and -- why the hell not? -- China.  A few more crazy congressmen and we're going to go commit suicide on your land.

Sidenote: Not to make this a partisan thing, but how come you never see Democrats publishing these crazy books?  Republicans seem to want us in an array of wars we can't fight. Democrats don't seem to have anything quite so crazy up our sleeves.  Hell, we don't even have any socialists anymore.  No wonder the country keeps voting for the right, they're way more interesting.