State of the Week

This week's state of the week is ... Texas!

The Lone Star State has been in the headlines a lot this week—and not just because South by Southwest is here. First there was the news that the Department of Justice blocked enforcement of the state's stringent and controversial voter ID measure. According to a letter from the DOJ, the state failed to show how it would deal with rural voters or the disparities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic voters in terms of who already has valid photo identification. While the case is already headed to the D.C. District Court, that's hardly the only battle between the feds and Texas lawmakers. 

Governor Rick Perry is also blaming the Obama administration for dismantling the state's Women's Health Program. The administration ruled it could not approve $35 million in federal funding for the program after the state opted to bar Planned Parenthood, despite that the organization served 40 percent of WHP recipients. Planned Parenthood toured the state in protest of the state's decision, which risks cutting off 130,000 women from basic healthcare. One in four women in Texas is uninsured and the state has the third highest rate of cervical cancer in the country. 


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