States Still Fighting Obamacare

States have been slow to create the health-insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act, most likely because of recalcitrant governors waiting to hear the Supreme Court's decision on whether the law is constitutional. The Urban Institute, a think tank, has found that only 14 states have made significant progress in creating the government-subsidized exchanges while 16 had made little or no progress. The study also showed that the states that have been slowest to move have the most uninsured residents. 

The National Governors' Association met yesterday, and discussion on the Affordable Care Act broke down along party lines. Democrats like Pat Quinn of Illinois said “It’s already working ... We’re enthusiastic advocates" while Republicans voiced their support for repealing the law. The federal government has already given states $600 million to help create the health-insurance exchanges.


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Chart of the Day

Despite the widespread economic downturn, 77 percent of respondents surveyed across 24 countries describe themselves as "happy"—three percentage points higher than in 2007. The happiest countries trend to the poor and middle-income set.

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Reason to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

The Artist won Best Picture at the Oscars last night, making it the first silent film to win the award since Wingstook the prize in the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929.

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