STEELE AT IT. Well, that didn�t take long: As I predicted yesterday, Michael Steele would somehow turn his media blunder around and try to blame the media, and sure enough here come this first volley, lobbed directly at the Post�s Dana Milbank.

Too bad for Steele press secretary Doug Heye that Milbank kept a record of their communications, which clearly show that not only was the Post allowed to publish the �off record� but �on background�
material, but they apparently wanted the Post to have the scoop. Not to mention, Milbank held back on some identifiers that would have made Steele�s identity obvious.

Just like the Oreo cookie incident, Steele and GOP governor Bob Ehrlich have either fabricated or embellished the events. And just like the Steve Gilliard sambo episode, Steele�s objective is not to run a serious campaign on the issues but to create a victimology vote in order to somehow endear himself to what he clearly thinks are gullible voters.

Apparently, Steele also thinks his new �homeboy,� President Bush, is still welcome and will come back to Maryland to stump for him.

--Tom Schaller