Stop Listening to the Tea Party

Nate Silver points to a new CNN poll that shows that unfavorable views of the Tea Party are at 47 percent. Moreover, they've been on a steady rise, though favorable ratings have been pretty flat, or possibly slightly increasing, as well. Still, favorables are only at 32 percent. Silver argues:

I’ve long been of the view that the Tea Party, despite nominating poor candidates in a couple of key races, was a significant net positive for the G.O.P. in 2010, both because it contributed to the “enthusiasm gap” and because it helped an unpopular Republican Party to re-brand itself in never-out-of-style conservative draping. But if the Tea Party ain’t over yet, the point in time at which it was an electoral asset for Republicans soon may be.

Yes. Eventually, this enthusiasm, based on not much substance, will end. So let's stop listening to them.