STRAIGHT TALK. The exchange of the morning:

Question: But what did Iraq have to do with September 11th?

President Bush: Nothing.

Okay, now explain to me, slowly, because I am exceedingly stupid, why any thinking human being should vote for anyone who supported this bloody nonsense and has not yet flogged himself publicly in apology for it, why any thinking human being should listen ever again to the wisdom of the great thinkers -- yes, that would be you, Mr. Pollack -- who enabled this towering fraud, why any thinking human being should take seriously ever again the silly man whose feet haven't touched the bottom of the pool since half-past his first Inauguration Day, and who now claims, spectacularly, to speak on behalf of "the soul of the nation." I'm not sure a nation has a soul but, if this president found it, he'd take it out in the backyard and juggle it with his toes. The McCain-in-'08 people can now explain to me why, when I read about their signing up the campaign operatives who helped foist this meretricious hooey on the country, I shouldn't laugh myself faint every time anyone hereafter mentions The Straight Talk Express. Anyway, go here, if you want to wander back through the Alibi Graveyard one more time.

--Charles P. Pierce