I spent from 3AM to 9:30AM driving up to Santa Cruz, so I'm pretty wiped. Posting today will be light. In any case, all will be normal tomorrow. Use this as an open thread to tell me what to write on, as I'm a bit too tired to trawl through the blogosphere for inspiration. But if inspiration were to come to me, well, how could I pass it up?

Before I put head to pillow, though, here's some stuff you should be reading:

• The House Democrats' Report on Republican abuses of power (warning: PDF).

• Daniel Munz on the PA Senate primaries.

• This analysis (also PDF) of the top 40 blogs (20 on left, 20 on right) during the election season. I find it particularly interesting, as it tracks me-era Pandagon, along with a bunch of others. I find the graphic tracking links a bit odd because, as much as I love Digby and Tapped, neither one received the majority of citations from Jesse or I. DailyKos I can buy, mostly because of linking to his poll numbers. In any case, I probably need to read the report a bit closer to understand how the graphic was created, something I plan to do once awake. This paragraph, however, was damn interesting, and didn't force me to think too hard:

We contrasted the citation behavior in the posts of the top 20 liberal and top 20 conservative blogs. During the two months covered by our analysis, the top 20 liberal bloggers published 12,470 posts, compared to 10,414 for the conservatives. We then counted the number of posts in which each blog cited another blog. If a blog was cited more than once within the same post, the link was not doublecounted. We found that liberal blogs cited one another 1511 times, compared to conservatives who cited one another 2110 times. Cross citing accounted for only 15% of the links, with liberals citing conservatives 247 times, and conservatives citing liberals 312 times. The interesting result is that even though the conservatives had 16% fewer posts, they posted 40% more links to one another, linking at a rate of 0.20 links per post, compared to just 0.12 for liberal blogs.

Much of that can be traced to Instapundit's excessive linking weighing down one side of the spectrum, while Josh Marshall's near total avoidance of interblog citation messes with ours. Still interesting, though.

Anyway, off to bed. Use comments to leave ideas for when I wake up.