Submit, Puny Earthlings, to Your New Olympic Overlords.

London mascots.jpg

(Image: London 2012)

The horrifying monsters in this photo are Wenlock and Mandeville, the just-unveiled mascots for the 2012 London Olympics. They've got videos!. They've each got their own Twitter feed! They'll hypnotize you with their cyclops eyes before crushing your skull in their mandible claw-hands!

For some reason, the organizing committee of every Olympics feels the need to come up with an alien mascot, which is supposed to be fun and inviting, imparting to us all the excitement of sporting competition in a huggable package. Yet without exception, they come out looking either stupid or frightening, leading to universal mockery. So why bother? It's not as though Wenlock and Mandeville will make anyone say, "Man, I really do have to get tickets to see Usain Bolt run!"

If anyone has any ideas for American Prospect mascots, please submit a description in comments, along with a link to where we can see either your drawings or your lovingly sewn mock-up.

-- Paul Waldman

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