Suffering Crist: Previewing Meek's Radio Hit.

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That's a radio ad that Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek will start airing tomorrow in multiple media markets around Florida. The last line is definitely the big take-away his campaign wants people focused on as he vies to win the bulk of Democratic voters and as many independents as possible to make his electoral math turn out right. The press has already picked up on the efforts of Crist's opponents to portray him as a flip-flopping opportunist, and if Crist's wild repositioning on health-care reform (for it and against it in the course of an afternoon) is any indicator, they won't have to work too hard.

The real question for Meek's strategy is whether Republican enthusiasm will lead to a huge turnout for Marco Rubio, his conservative opponent. While Meek has a path to victory -- rounding up a plurality of votes from a Democratic-trending electorate -- a big advantage in Republican turnout could negate his plans, making get-out-the-vote efforts key to Florida's Senate race.

-- Tim Fernholz

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