In some senses, this is the more important one. I've got plenty of good books to read, but I'm woefully out of it on music and am absolutely desperate to find some new stuff I like. So here's what I'm listening to this week, recommendations would be gratefully accepted:

• Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism. This, along with the Garden State soundtrack and Postal Service, is my favorite quasi-indie rock. I know, it's horribly trite and mainstream but, you know what? Screw you music snob! This is my sandbox on the internets and I can like what I want!

• Grouch and Eligh's No More Greener Grasses: Probably my favorite CD of all time, and still good after all these years.

• Dispatch's All Points Bulletin: Not sure if it beats their other live CD, Gut the Van, but it's damn good.

And you?