When the latest issue of The American Prospect came out -- with a picture of Barack Obama on the cover, and the headline, "Our Moment" -- occasional TAP contributor Spencer Ackerman wrote that although the headline referred to progressives in general, it might have referred to TAP itself. "Right now I think it's fair to say that the Prospect best captures the political zeitgeist of any opinion magazine out there."

He's right. As much fun as it is shaking your fist at those who hold power, a magazine like the Prospect becomes even more important when the government is controlled by people who are more sympathetic its point of view. The Prospect incubates ideas, illuminates both the good and the bad in government and society, and helps set the terms of debate. And some very important people will be listening.

In an alternate universe, progressive political magazines like the Prospect would be hugely profitable, paying their suffering editorial staff kingly salaries to do their essential work. Sadly, that is not the universe we live in. So supporters need to step up to the plate and make what this magazine does possible.

So spread some holiday cheer, and click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Prospect. Thanks so much.

--Paul Waldman

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